Brochure Display Racks

Parsippany Area Chamber of Commerce offers members in good standing to supply the Chamber with their brochures to be placed in display racks owned by the Chamber. The Chamber refills the racks on a continuous basis.

The racks currently are in place at

  1. IHOP – Parsippany – 792 Route 46 West, Arlington Shopping Center, Parsippany
  2. IHOP – Boonton – 304 Wootton St, Boonton
  3. Boonton Station 1904 – 202 Myrtle Avenue, Boonton
  4. Applebee’s Grill and Bar – 1057 Route 46 East, Troy Hills Shopping Center, Parsippany
  5. Parsippany Community Center – 1130 Knoll Road, Parsippany
  6. Knoll County Club, Knoll Road, Parsippany
  7. Staples, Arlington Shopping Center, Parsippany

For information on this member benefit, please contact Frank Cahill at (973) 402-6400.

*Locations subject to change without notice

**Unfortunately, we will not place a competitive business at any location.  We are working on additional locations other than restaurants to give the food industry an opportunity utilizing this program

Any merchant material not approved by Board of Directors will be immediately removed.