Ribbon Cutting

Introduce your business to the Parsippany Area with the help of your Chamber!

Meet key leaders and fellow business associates in the Parsippany Area. The Chamber will help your business with promotion, set up and public relations. The Chamber will also provide ceremonial scissors and a commemorative ribbon, provide each business owner with a dated and signed certificate and contact the Township and Elected officials. We also photograph the event to provide to local media. Ribbon cutting ceremonies are for any company who has:

  • Opened a New Business
  • Changed ownership or is under new management
  • Changed location
  • Remodeled or expanded its present location

The Chamber will:

  • Provide Ceremonial Scissors and Commemorative Ribbon
  • Provide business owner with dated and signed certificate of membership
  • Assist in scheduling the event
  • Contact Township and Elected officials and Chamber Members

The Business will:

  • Provide the Chamber with a minimum two weeks advance notice of desired ceremony, preferably on weekdays
  • Designate one person to make arrangements and acts as official contact person for the event
  • Arrange for a company representative to be at the Ribbon Cutting and appear in the photo
  • Provide snacks and/or refreshments, if desired

For more information contact Parsippany Area Chamber of Commerce at (973) 402-6400.