1 United MMA House

1 United Mixed Martial Arts House aims to create a positive atmosphere for our clients by upholding the highest levels of integrity and character. We are here to help our clients reach their goals whether physical or mental. We strive to help every individual reach their highest potential and develop and grow as individuals. Our goal is to instill self- confidence, respect, honesty, discipline, and commitment in all of our clients whether they be children, teenagers or adults. By combining toughness of the mind and body through character development and physical stamina, our clients are able to excel in every aspect of their lives, making them happier and healthier people. 1 United Mixed Martial Arts House is Yusuf and Ibrahim’s way of giving back to the community and enjoining all of its members into a strong and fit family. 

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96 North Beverwyck Road, Unit 101A
Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey 07034 


(973) 917-3999

Chamber Contact: Ibrahim Yoldas

Chiromatic Sleep Systems

Experience the healing power of sleep with Chiromatic. Since 1977, we’ve partnered with Chiropractors to make clinical-grade, health-focused mattresses, and sleep systems for people with back and neck pain. We believe a bed should be more than a piece of bedroom furniture – it should be the centerpiece of a healthy life. 

Chiromatic’s exclusive LoomAir 3D technology (patent pending) sets us apart from all other mattresses on the market. Resulting from an unparalleled scientific research and development effort – you can now have the performance and support your body needs with the luxury that you deserve. Give your back a rest… Sleep on a Chiromatic.

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139A Morris Street
Morristown, New Jersey 07960 


(844) 737-8999

Chamber Contact: Taylor Burkat

Kaylee and Kyle LLC

Kaylee and Kyle is an online-only boutique for kids ages two and above. It was created by a busy mom, passionate about kids fashion, with other busy moms and dads in mind. With three kids between ages three and eight, finding unique, stylish and affordable kids’ wears was very challenging. Store after store, I struggled to find that classy outfit that would make my little ones stand out. That was the inspiration behind the formation of Kayleeandkyle.com. We strive to create an elegant look on every child that wears our outfit.

The Kaylee and Kyle collection brings an effortless éclat to your little one’s wardrobe.  We hope you are as delighted about our clothes as we are excited to make your child look and feel very special.

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181 New Road, Suite 304
Parsippany, New Jersey 07054 


(888) 574-0003

Chamber Contact: Chika Nwokeh

Mary Kay Products

At Mary Kay, success lies in our dedication to irresistible products, a rewarding opportunity and positive community impact.

For 54 years, Mary Kay has inspired women to achieve their entrepreneurial goals in nearly 40 countries. As a multibillion-dollar company, we offer the latest in cutting-edge skin care, bold color cosmetics and fragrances. Discover more reasons to love Mary Kay at marykay.com.

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Parsippany, New Jersey 07054 


(973) 945-2380

Chamber Contact: Doreen Brennan

Self Defense 4 All LLC – FEKM USA

SELF DEFENSE 4 ALL, LLC – FEKM-USA is the official entity representing in the USA the legacy, work, and values of Krav Maga from the FEKM- RD. We aim to bring Krav Maga to all people. Our classes, courses, and workshops deliver Krav Maga training with the highest quality standards focused on student’s development as an individual and society citizen.Our primary focus is on teaching the safe, effective, and lawful application of what is, after all, a potentially lethal set of techniques and principles. We positively encourage all students to achieve to the fullest of their ability and strive to enable everyone to push their boundaries and develop their skills. We have found from experience that this helps us all to grow as human beings as well. All members of the FEKM-USA are required to abide by the code of ethics of the FEKM and therefore undertake to be: – Honest – Non-aggressive – Humble – Respect the terms of our statutes, our internal regulations, our instructors and our training partners – To use the techniques of Krav Maga exclusively during classes or to defend our physical integrity or that of those near to us – To help develop a climate of Friendship and Humanitarianism
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9 Diana Road
Morris Plains, New Jersey 07950 


(862) 222-7154

Chamber Contact: Goncalo Esteves